Publications for Sale


Martha has publications of her music that she sells directly (see Self Publications, below), as well as through several other retailers, including one in Canada and one in Australia. Below are listings of U.S. for foreign dealers who carry her books, or they can be ordered directly via email or by calling 404-325-4735.

self publications

Self Publications

To order, contact us at, fill out the Contact Form, or simply call us at 404-325-4735 and let us know what quantities of what publication you would like and where to ship them and we will send them out with a bill.

Title Price
For Viola da Gamba
Viola da Gamba Method $20.00
Vade Mecum $25.00
24 Melodic & Progressive Ex., Elem. & Interm. $15.00
40 Mel/Progr. Exercises-Bass $17.50
40 Mel/Progr. Exercises-Tenor $17.50
40 Mel/Progr. Exercises-Treble $17.50
Solos for Treble Viol:  Irish Tunes $15.00
Solos for Treble Viol:  Jewish Melodies $15.00
Solos for Treble Viol: Sel. Bach Vn. Sonatas/Partitas $20.00
Tablature for One $40.00
Tablature for Two $25.00
Tablature for Three $30.00
Tablature for All $25.00
Bach Orchestral Excerpts $25.00
Christmas Carols with a Friend (for two viols) $15.00
For Cello
The Cello Gets the Melody:
  Book One — [22] Irish Tunes $15.00
  Book Two — [19] Jewish Melodies $15.00
  Book Three–  [22] Musical Chestnuts $15.00
  Book Four–  [23] Country Fiddle Music $15.00
  Book Five, Winter Holiday Music:
      I — [24] Christmas carols $15.00
  Book Six, Winter Holiday Music:
      II — [25] Christmas carols, etc $15.00
  Book Seven—Sel. Bach Vn. Son/Partitas $17.50
Christmas Carol Duets for Cello Friends $12.50
R.V. Tabb/Bishop—Vc. Exercises in 2nd position $15.00
R.V. Tabb/Bishop—Vc. Exercises in 3rd position $15.00
Tangos for Cello Quartet $20.00
  Tango Tipico, Tango Romantico, Tango Machismo


Other Publishers carrying music by Martha Bishop

PRB Productions

Blue Ridge Echoes
Dancing Viols
Eight Canonic Duets
Elegie and Passacaglia
Five by Five by Five Five
Fantasias for Five Friends
In Nomines Incognito
Prelude and Fugue, Trope on In Nomine, and Hijaz
Prelude and Passacaglia for solo 7-string bass viol
Recorders on Parade
Suite for Two Bass Viols
Suite No. 2 for 2 Bass Viols
Ten Canonic Duets for 2 Bass Viols
Ten Canonic Duets for 2 Cellos

Tempo Press

Early American Carols 
Hoedown (Recercada Segunda) 


Catlins Fantasie
In Nomine

Susato Press

The Twa Sisters

Boulder Early Music 

Honeysuckle Music

Von Heune Workshop

Australia: Saraband Music